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About Anne

In 2013 I completed a 500 mile walk in 34 days, carrying my belongings on my back. I walked the Camino De Santiago.

I started this journey, stressed out, burnt out and tired out, saying I was walking to save my sanity. Completing this journey was an incredible accomplishment, I achieved one of my dreams. Lots of people walk the Camino, and each person has a different experience. It is challenging, physically, emotionally and spiritually. At the start of the walk my rucksack weighed heavily, pulling on my shoulders, digging into my hips, as I walked like the weight of my stress and worries the rucksack became lighter.

Along the way I learnt to be open to adventures, to reconnect with the courageous person I am, to take time out when I need too, to make choices but to also adapt and alter plans, to reach my goal, to achieve my dream.

I learnt taking small steps can get you a long way.

When I finished the walk I knew that I wanted to support other women to build and maintain their resilience, to overcome those feelings of having no time, being out of balance, stressed and wondering where they are going and who they are.

I help women find clarity about what they want and take action to be dream achievers.

I live in the Peak District a national park in the UK. I love the outdoors and take the opportunity to walk in the hills around my home as often as possible.

My background is working in Social Care, both in public and voluntary sector for over 25 years in various roles in the field of mental health. Through this work I have gained knowledge both professionally and personally about stress and resilience and the impact that it can have on one’s life.

Anne Goodridge

On my return from the Camino I qualified with a Diploma in Transformational Coaching and now draw on my experience and knowledge to offer coaching services to others.